Are you a good fit to

be a Chief Operator?

The Chief Operators community is a perfect fit for some people.
But it is not for everybody.
Discover if it is for you:

So what exactly is a Chief Operator?

🌒 A Chief Operator does everything the owner or CEO of a website would do.
🌒 They are focused on growth and have a track record of running 6-8 figure sites in their niche.

✖️ I just want a plain salary?

🌒 Chief Operators are looking for equity or revenue share opportunities, there might be a salary component but equity is the ideal.
🌒 Build your Chief Operator track record to get access to larger and larger deals.

✖️ I don't want to work with investors?

🌒 Buying a site lets you shortcut the path to product market fit.
🌒 Buying a bigger site with investor capital is the next logical step for experienced operators.
🌒 Investors are usually passive so you get autonomy to run the site but you will have to plan your exit together.

✖️I don't want to share off market deals?

🌒 If you see a deal in your niche that is not a fit for you, you can earn a finders fee for sharing with another member.
🌒 If keeping an eye out for interesting sites for sale in your niche does not sound fun then the community may not be a fit for you.

✖️ I don't want to learn finance stuff?

🌒 You may have strong domain expertise but you might not know everything about Micro Private Equity.
🌒 Find out what's working now for investors and operators doing deals.
🌒 If you don't enjoy learning or are not curious about how these deals are structured then it may not be a fit.

I prefer short term opportunities?

🌒 If you start building your track record of buying sties with investors now.
🌒 This will put you ahead of most people and in a perfect position as more and more money is getting invested.
🌒 If you are not interested in building long term 10 year relationships, the community may not be a fit.

Why make it invite only?

🌒 We measure success as the quality of relationships built in the community.
🌒 There are currently no fees to join as an Operator.
🌒 You can only get access by applying and doing a 15min vetted call.
🌒 This ensures everyone is a fit and maximises the chance for quality opportunities to be built.

Any Exceptions?

🌘 If you are young and still building a track record, you can DM me on Twitter here and I am happy to help give advice to build your track record so you can join the community in the future.
🌘 If you have deep niche expertise (one of the leading experts in the world) but don't have experience running websites, then you are also welcome to apply.

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