Want to find

great operators?

Discover opportunities to buy profitable internet businesses with operators that are experts in their niche.

Think of an Angel List x Search Funder community specifically for investors and operators buying websites.

Current membership fees are $249pa. This increases with every 20 members that join us.

What is a Chief Operator?

🌖 A Chief Operator does everything the owner or CEO of a website would do.
🌖 They are focused on growth, have a track record of running sites in their niche in the 6-8 figure range.

What are they looking for?

🌖 Capital to buy larger sites in their niche.
🌖 They are looking to run the sites themselves so are not looking for active partners just investment.

Why is this interesting?

🌖 Traditionally you either run the website yourself or build a team to run it.
🌖 The hardest part everyone has is finding a great operator.
🌖 Websites provide great returns compared to other investments but they require great operators to provide that growth.

How does it work?

🌖 Either operators or investors can post a joint venture opportunity in the community.
🌖 This can be around a specific deal or looking to create a partnership to search for deals together.
🌖 Once you find a site to buy, operators usually get 5-40% equity for running the site over time.

How does this help minimise risk?

🌖 Buying a site helps minimise risk as it already has product market fit and a stable history.
🌖 Joint Venturing with an experienced operator helps minimise risk as they have the proven skills and experience to grow a site in that niche.

Want to diversify?

🌖 You may already be investing in traditional assets but want to include websites as a high return option.
🌖 Even within websites you can invest across different verticals; SaaS, eCom and Content are the most popular.

Want insider deal flow?

🌖 In Real Estate the best deals are done on the golf courses not on the marketplaces.
🌖 In the community you can get access to private deal flow from members before it ever gets listed on a brokerage.

Who is this not perfect for?

🌖 This should be the high returns / high risk share of your portfolio that you can afford to lose.
🌖 Minimum investment is $100k with the usual buying range of $200k - $5m.
🌖 The community is only focused on online rather than more traditional offline businesses
🌖 If you are completely new to website investing or want to invest completely passively.
🌖 Message Sam here to ask about how to have this managed for you.

Some Final Thoughts

🌖 The same way that retail shops in commercial real estate are moving online to Shopify.
🌖 I believe website investing will become a normal asset class similar to commercial Real Estate.
🌖 With the average sale value of sites rising 73% last year according to the EF State of Industry report.
🌖 Now is a really unique time to get involved and connected with other investors and operators in this space.


The Waiting List

Our community is invite only.