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Your little black book of investors and experienced operators
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1. Operator Looking for Investors?

Chief Operators have experience running or selling a profitable 6-8 figure internet business.
They are now looking to buy or run a profitable internet business with investors.
The most common verticals are SaaS, eCommerce or Content sites (SEO).

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2. Investor Looking for Operators?

The hardest part of buying a profitable internet business is finding the right operator.
Automatically build your bench with our community.
Connect and invest with the top operators in each niche.

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3. Off Market Deal Flow?

Get access to our members only 'Deal Flow Exchange'.
Share your deal parameters and the finders fee you are offering.
Members can help scout deals for you during their own searches in return for the finders fee on any closed deal.


The man behind
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We believe in 7 core values

1. We build 10 year relationships - we act like we will be working with the same people for a long time
2. We give first - we offer value to other members before asks
3. We are leaders not followers - we are pioneering so we like to learn and new ideas are welcome
4. We respect each others time - we only share interesting non-googlable questions
5. We do deals collaboratively - we love getting smart people together
6. We keep everything confidential - unless otherwise stated we assume all details of deals are confidential
7. We have fun - build whatever portfolio and freedom you want

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